The Art of Aviation

Since 1990

The Art of Aviation ~ Since 1990

For over 30 years Starflight Aviation has delivered the ultimate service experience in aircraft charter.

From our London Farnborough Airport Headquarters, and sales offices in Teterboro Airport New York, Chicago and Miami, our team are on hand for when you want to travel to any given destination at a moment's notice. And we are there to support you every step of the way.

We don’t have voicemails, and we don’t set an out of office; one of our experienced charter specialists are available to you 24 hours’ a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Starflight gives you the freedom to create a unique schedule of air transport using the most luxurious and sophisticated aircraft across the globe, to more than 7000 destinations worldwide. Let us take away the stress of commercial travel and stop you wasting precious time in busy airport terminals.



Back in 1990, Starflight Aviation, in its capacity as official air carrier to the Music Therapy Trust, was exclusively responsible for flying an estimated $1 billion worth of rock superstars into and out of the Knebworth ‘90 concert. Tears for Fears, Genesis, Status Quo, Robert Plant, Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd all shared the same bill in what was the most spectacular array of all-British talent ever to assemble for a single show.

On the day Starflight carried out 250 movements using a fleet of 15 helicopters, operating to a timetable that had been precisely calculated down to the very last second. With many other VIP's also being flown in, the sheer volume of traffic led to a second temporary 'feeder' airfield being constructed near Hemel Hempstead. It was the first time that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had licensed a temporary airfield primarily for night flying.

The CAA officially complimented Starflight on the high standard of professionalism with which everything had been organised and completed. Standards we continue to meet and exceed today. Knebworth ‘90 was just the very start of great things to come, and Starflight has proudly continued to fly the worlds of music, film, sport, corporate, government and entertainment to destinations both near and far.



With 30 years’ experience, Starflight Aviation is one of the most established, respected Charter Brokers in operation.

Be it a short hop on a helicopter or a transatlantic flight on a state of the art jet, Starflight consistently delivers on service excellence.

From a solo artist to a symphony orchestra, we have been responsible for successfully managing and performing global tours for some of the world's most acclaimed superstars. It is our fanatical attention to detail and determined focus on service delivery that sets us apart from the competition.

We learn your likes and dislikes, your catering preferences, your favourite aircraft types, your newspapers of choice. Our team make certain that every flight booked with us is your perfect solution.

Have a flight in mind? Please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Planet Positive - Climate Neutral Programme


Keeping Carbon Where It Belongs.

With the climate emergency now ever more critical, we have taken the opportunity to reflect on how far we have come as a business. Over thirty years of personalised travel for our customers has given us the chance to support causes that make a real difference and when it comes to supporting people, preserving wildlife and sequestering carbon, Starflight Aviation knew rainforest was the place to start. In 2009 Starflight Aviation partnered with the pioneering charity Cool Earth to help halt deforestation by supporting local people like the Asháninka of the Peruvian Amazon. Thanks to your commitment over this time Cool Earth and the Asháninka have worked to protect over 10,000 acres of rainforest and we are proud of the impact we have helped create in the Peruvian Amazon. The role and significance of natural wonders like forest will be even more essential over the next decade. From supporting those living with the impacts of climate breakdown to removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the role of rainforest in maintaining a balanced climate cannot be overstated.

That is why Starflight Aviation is taking even further steps to support its clients in taking positive action to minimise their impact on the environment. 2021 will see us launch our new Planet Positive Programme. Building on the legacy of our existing partnership Cool Earth and Starflight Aviation will now go global. We will continue to support Cool Earth in their work to protect over 250,000 hectares of tropical rainforest around the world, which itself is a store of over 48 million tonnes of carbon. We are now helping communities from Cameroon to the Democratic Republic of the Congo develop sustainable incomes that change lives and keep forests standing. Whether it’s empowering women to sustainably grow rice in Cambodia or beekeeping that helps reduce forest fires in Mozambique, we’re thinking local, to protect rainforest globally.

This global investment in rainforests will bolster our long-standing commitment to effective environmental action. While others may rely solely on carbon offsets, we’re keen to go even further: preventing the release of emissions from deforestation and supporting local people, whilst also providing you with even more options to manage the impact of your travel on the planet. We are delighted that we will be strengthening this ambitious partnership, supporting Cool Earth, and making a difference to the world’s most vital rainforest. Alongside this we will be launching our partnership with MyClimate offering our clients the ability to offset the entire carbon emissions of every flight with our Climate Neutral Programme:

MyClimate is a charitable organisation who want to shape the future of the world through consultation and educational programmes, as well as its own projects. MyClimate carbon offset projects are implemented in developing countries, as in such places steps can be taken at comparatively low cost to protect the climate and more: these initiatives have been proven to contribute to the fulfilment of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These include, for example, fighting poverty, hunger, illness and unemployment, the improvement of schooling and also the improvement of gender equality. It does not matter to the climate where greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and saved; What is important is that a reduction takes place overall.

With these two programmes in place, Starflight hope to go even further than ever before.

Our Cool Earth Story Our Carbon Story

Cool Earth FAQs MyClimate FAQs

We look forward to you joining us on our journey.

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